ofxOpenNI pose calibration needed?

Hi, finally I got skeleton detection, As far as I understood, in the latest version of this addon it isn’t necessary the pose calibration, but I found out that I needed it.
I was tinkering with the config files to test variations and nothing changes.
After I do the pose calibration it works.

I was searching in the forum but I didn’t find an answer for this.

Is there a way to automatize it?

ofxOpenNI - gameoverhak master branch
oF - 0.8.0
OpenNI - 1.5.4
NITE . 1.5.2
Sensor Kinect Version
SO Ubuntu 12.04 64 bits


since a lot time ago you don’t need the pose calibration.
By default it should work with the auto skeleton detection.
anyways try calling your_ofxOpenNIinstance.getAutoUserCalibrationPossible(); and see what you get.


Roy, it didn’t work either. I need the pose calibration to get the skeleton tracking working.
I don’t know if the file FeatureExtraction.ini need to be under certain path.
I put them in myProject/bin/data/config/FeatureExtraction.ini and under myProject/bin/data/openni/config/FeatureExtraction.ini, One way or another it doesn’t work.
Thanks for your help

Here is the content:




Pd: I need pose calibration even when I run the ofxOpenNI example.

Watching to the LOG messages in the console, a messages says:

User generator DOES require pose for calibration.

I have no idea what else to try, it is supposed that it isn’t needed anymore, but stil…


do you have a UserCalibration.bin file in your data folder? this is where auto calibration is loaded from. you can check in ofxUserGenerator::loadCalibration(XnUserID uId) for exact path where this needs to reside.



Hey @kovicic , you must copy several files to your project’s data path.
(actually, copy the whole config folder).
At least on osx you have to copy also the libs folder because of the way the libs are linked. Don’t know how it is on other platforms.
the default ofxOpenNi project datapath looks like this:

My guess is that your problem is related to these files missing.

@kumpri that method is from the very first version of ofxOpenNi. It’s been deprecated for a while.


Thank to both :). Actually it was the first thing I checked @roymacdonald. I already have more files than the needed, some of them were renamed (old versions for test purpose). Even more, I changed the lib files names extensions into the modules.xml file to the corresponding ones with Linux (.so instead of dylib).
I attach a snapshot, in the top of the image it is the whole path:

I realized I need the pose calibration for the examples that come with the OpenNI/NITE installaton. I set the UseAutoCalibrate, etc.
Just in case OpenNI 1.5.4
NITE 1.5.2
I don’t know if it has to do with the Sensor driver version, I downloaded the package from OpenNI site.
(I asked in its forum as well, with no luck until now)


I uninstalled the stable OpenNI/NITE version and installed the unstable ones according of what I read spread in some blogs about issues with Ubuntu 12.04.
The user generator DOES require pose detection, ** message it is no longer displayed.**

A (silly) question: what is it considered a pose calibration? I realized that having my arms separated from my body with my arms slightly raised it is enough to start skeleton tracking. Even though, the console message said, Psi pose detected. If I do the classical Psi pose, the calibration starts faster.

Console output: