ofxOpenNI not recognizing my Kinect

I’m diving into a Kinect project (model 1414) using a Mac running Sierra. I have added ofxOpenNI and created a new project to test out some code; but my kinect isn’t being found. The project compiles and builds successfully, so I don’t think it’s a library issue; using ofxKinect, I tried the example there and it finds my device, so I don’t think it’s a Kinect issue. I will paste all the console messages below; but the one I think is most relevant is: [notice ] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: Found0devices connected. Any help or tips would be really appreciated!

[warning] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: Using a NASTY hack to silence SIGNAL errors on exit - read the comments at line ~1712 of ofxOpenNI.cpp
[notice ] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: Init context…
[notice ] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: openni driver version:
[notice ] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: Adding licence…
[notice ] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: Init device…
[notice ] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: Found0devices connected
[warning] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: REAL Device could not be initialized - you can still use an ONI
[notice ] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: Adding generator typeXN_NODE_TYPE_DEPTH
[ error ] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: setGeneratorResolution() called on invalid generator!
[notice ] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: Adding generator typeXN_NODE_TYPE_USER
[notice ] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: Starting ofxOpenNI with threading
[warning] ofThread: - name: Thread 1 - Calling startThread with verbose is deprecated.

Hey, did you work it out? Facing the same issue