ofxOpenNi gesture storage

Hello. I am newbe working with kinect and C++. During the last 2 weeks I started playing with Kinect in Visual C# 2010 with the openframeworks openNI example.

I started tracking 1 user different joints, calculating limbs distances, converting projective2realworld coordinates, calculating angles, and storing a join on a text file.

Well, now I wish to store a gesture on an ArrayList, but it seems I cant with this library… The solution i found is to store the joints data on a List or a Vector. Its that right? Should i try another option? There is an option to use C# arraylist?

I wrote something like this ( i dont have the code infront of me so I will try to tell u more or less what I did):

testApp draw{  
XnPoint3D my_projective[15]; //where my_projective[0], [1], ... [14] contains de neck,head, shoulders... coordinates (my_projective[0].X; my_projective[0].Y;   

Then I have a vector with 15 coordinates which are upgrading more or less 30 times per second (30FPS). As i read, that its called an observation.
Now i wish to store a couple of observations that sets a full gesture sequence.

In a future i wish to compare gestures using mathematics algorithms. I saw an example (kinectdtw codeplex, cant post de link, it is being classified as spam) but it uses ArrayList (and i dont understand how they store the data). If i cant use ArrayList with ofxOpenNI, are the lists the options i should use?

I was thinking on storing all the joints on a list, with a label (@head,@shoulder…) and after finishing the gesture, order the list by the joint label. What do you think about it?

Thank you.

In most C++ resources I have seen it is usually recommended to use vectors until you have a particular reason not to.

Yas, thats what ive finally done.