ofxOpenni gesture detection

I am trying out ofxopenni addon

I have been trying to invoke the a code on the wave gesture. But it fails to trigger. I am missing something somewhere

this is how i setup


and the handle function is

void Kinect::handleHandEvent(ofxOpenNIGestureEvent &eventArgs){  

I was hoping to detect the gesture by its name and then perform the action

The code I have is detecting hands btw. I copied from the example.

hi ofSMF,
not sure if this is the problem, but check that you have added the gesture generator.


yes, you need to add the generator first.
although if you’re going to use the hand focus gesture you must add the hand generator. openNIDevice.addHandGenerator() the resto of your code is fine.
you should take a look to the examples included in ofxOpenNI.

Best regards

Thank you Roy. Saw the reply very late. I found the mistake and got busy with what has to happen next.

Thanks again