ofxOpenNI Development

Yes I think mine is the latest version. I emailed Roxlu (10/02) about moving to a separate github repo, but haven’t heard back from him. I’ll email again and see if it can happen ASAP.

Master & develop should be the same at this point (they are the versions I’ve been deploying for installation/performances) and are compiled against openNI 1.1.x.

Experimental is compiled against latest openNI 1.3.2.x but is only tested in of007 on Mac OSX.

I have a major festival launch on Thursday so major changes won’t happen till after 13/02.

If you’re using the Experimental branch I’d comment out any of the new code that reports node Capabilities as it slows down initialization a lot and I just put it in to see what new features were actually working with the latest drivers.

great, thanks, will go with development by now then and try experimental later

@gameover is 02/13 a typo? Or are you held up until February? Just curious.

lol! I’m definitely super busy, but no I meant 13/10…time to sleep :wink:

@gameover, I just forked your branch and I’m updating it with my stuff.
I’ll send you a pull request later.
BTW, the autoskeleton feature requires openNI 1.3.2. so Ill fork the experimental.

good luck with that festival!

mmh, i’m getting a crash, a segmentation fault when i activate the user tracking because GetHandler() in UserGenerator is returning a null pointer. i also see:

Create user generator failed: Can’t create any node of the requested type!

in the console when the program starts, i’m i missing something? i’ve installed the openNI library, the binaries and the SensorKinect.

@Arturo, which branch are you using?

master right now

it’s working for me at least on OSX.
which version of OpenNI do you have installed? remember that you also need to install NITE. the user tracking depends on NITE if I recall correctly.

that must be it, where can i download NITE?

mmh, ok is this it?


there doesn’t seem to be a linux version.

from OpenNI download section. Select OpenNi compliant middleware binaries, unstable and the build that suits your system

hey just booting into linux…forgive me 'nix is not my forte :wink:

ok master is working for me…ahhhhh…but not for long after a while it segments once it’s been tracking

Not sure it’s relevant but I’m in of062…haven’t upgraded my linux install to 007…also I only compiled on a 64 bit version of 10.10

Retrieve user generator failed: No match found
Creating user generator succeed: OK

Is what I get…I’m pretty sure I didn’t alter the drivers in any way, but will check this

Perhaps it is worth trying the new drivers with the experimental branch?

Re NITE: I used NITE-Bin-Linux64-v1.3.1.5.tar.bz2…I found a version here: https://bitbucket.org/kaorun55/openni-

thanks man! yes i was missing NITE, it doesn’t seem to be in the official openNI web anymore.

Download Nite from openni.org. Check my previous post.
At least for me the newer version of OpenNI and NITE work very well, although there are lots of deprecated methods being used in ofxOpenNI, this are still supported. The ability to load and save user calibrations comes with the newer version of openNI and NITE (over which depend autoskeleton ).
so, gameover, should I add my updates to your master or experimental branch? I can see that the experimental branch is somewhat out of date in relationship with the master branch.

I just downloaded NITE from openNI.org

in the top bar select download>openni modules. There you will find a popdown menu where you select middleware binaries

BTW, NITE is not open sourced.
its propietary, it’s oficial page is http://www.primesense.com

has anybody seen this problem before? everytime i try to play a capture i get this error when calling setupUsingRecording in the context:

Loading file failed: No node with the requested description is loaded

The capture seems to work ok but there’s no way to play it back later

The truth is that I haven’t used at all the capture and playback features.
I’ll check it anyways.
Which platform are you using?

i’m on linux but we’ve tried on osx too and cannot get recording and playback to work