ofxOpenNI Development

Hi, I am trying to rotate images and text based on the rotation of the joints from ofxOpenNi. I was calculating a single axis of rotation, manually from the points but now I need to use 2 axis of rotation and I would like to use the rotation from the joints themselves. Here is my code.

    ofMatrix4x4 matriciesLeft[12];
    ofTrueTypeFont leftWords[12];

    ofSetColor(255, 255, 255);
    leftWords[i].drawStringAsShapes(leftStrings[i], 0, 0);

When I try this code in another context, using a node I rotate over time and then get the matrix from the node it rotates as I expect. Once the user is detected (this triggers the words to draw) the text flies away from my screen.

I don’t really understand what derived orientation is, maybe that is the problem.

This works a little better for me

 ofVec3f vec;
 float angle;
 ofTranslate(0, 200);
 rightWords[i].drawStringAsShapes(rightStrings[i], 0, 0);

But I would like to be able to just get apply the rotation matrix as it seems smoother when I test it away from openNi vs the second method here.