ofxOpenNI depth accuracy?

Hi everyone,

I am finding a weird discrepancy in depth when using ofxOpenNI. I am looking at the values returned from right_upper_arm bone position using ofxLimb. When I go from arm down to arm fully extended to the side, I am seeing a difference in position of about 80 coordinates in the x-axis. But when I go from arm down to fully extended in the front (toward the kinect), I get a difference of about 250 coordinates in the Z-axis! I am standing about 1-1.5 meters away from the kinect. This seems to be consistent with the other bones also.

I thought depth accuracy in kinect was pretty good, so I dont understand what is happening here. Has anyone else experienced this or know what could be going on here?


i have encoutered similar problem. i was taking the z depth of head and sometimes if my hand was still and freeze in the same point without moving z was changing a bit (x-y coordinates wasn’t changing).
i tried with some average on z but it didn’t resolved it perfectly…

Or if anyone can confirm that they have NOT gotten this problem, that would be useful as well.