ofxOpenNI and NITE swipe gestures


First thanks to all involved with the ofxOpenNI, I have a working demo with callbacks for wave and push events, which is really cool.

But what I really want to be able to do is to trigger swipe events, up, down, left and right.

If I understand things, NITE middleware does provide the ability to recognize swipes, but ofxOpenNI (or at least gameoverhack’s version) doesn’t expose them.

I have read (most) of this monster thread ofxOpenNI Development and didn’t find too much insight there either.

My question is this, are there other forks out there that have the NITE swipe gestures exposed, or are there other approaches to get the same callback result?

FYI, I am on OSX with a Kinect.


I’ve hacked this together in Cinder, you’re better off just using a very light wrapper for the NITE like https://github.com/satoruhiga/ofxNI2 and hacking their gesture recognition functions into that.