ofxOmxPlayer Stutter on video open/start

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I know there is a similar thread out there, but not exactly the same - so I hope posting “again” is OK.
I have a problem with ofxOmxPlayer playing different videos on key press (we use the pi as a media player in a museum). Now each time I re-start a video it stutters for some seconds before running well. Looping is not a problem, it only occurs (each time) when opening the video, no matter what code, size, audio…
omxPlayer from shell plays without stuttering.

May well be I have a bad approach: I start the video with omxPlayer.setup(settings), defining the path in the preceding line (I figured it will be bad to have one omxPlayer object for each video as I have many videos in some projects. Is this correct?).

Thanks for any hint or shared experience.
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I had the same issue on windows, I wanted to load next video only before it plays, and I got a slow framerate as it loads the next video.

The only solution I found is to load all the videos during the setup.

You should try to see how a vector of ofxomxplayer affects your framerate.

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in the end I had the stuttering-problem with loading all videos at startup too, so obviously I was wrong: it’s not about opening the video, but on video start/loop for me too. So I apologize for starting this post and I go on here:
[SOLVED] Video stutters when loop starts (Raspberry PI, ofxOMXPlayer)

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