ofxOMXPlayer - layers

Hello Openframeworks community!

Been playing around with ofxOMXPlayer and it has worked well for my raspberry pi 2 project.
But I’m wondering if it is possible to use direct play (non texture mode) for ofxOMXPlayer to place text upon it like subtitles or draw some other texture over it?
My other option for subtitles is to somehow use the external ‘omxplayer’ and just let it run and controll it over dbus.
Otherwise I guess I’ll have to default to texture mode.

Thanks for good work!

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omxplayer has built in support for subtitles. I stripped most of that out in ofxOMXPlayer as it required boost

Is it possible to output some text or textures over a direct play video from openframeworks?

Not currently. There is some layer indexing available in OpenMax but I’m not sure if it works (some stuff is missing on the RPi)