ofxOcculusDK2 on Linux, Rendering Problems


I am attempting to use the ofxOculusDK2 add on with only partial success, I am using OF 0.8.4 and @sphaero’s git branch of ofxOculusDK2. I have tried to get the examples to run, but I can only get the example “OculusRiftRedering” to work and it will only display the environment in one eye (I can’t get the programmableRenderer example to work at all). I have tried to make my own basic example, but it will still only render the scene for one eye.

What I can render,

I have tried to piece together my own example, but still only one eye will render. Github with my code is below


the DK2 add-on

I am wondering if someone has had any experience with this addon and could look at my code and give me a hand.

Thank you