ofxOcculusDK2 and Linux?


I am trying to get the ofxOcculusDk2 plugin working in linux. Has anyone been successful using openframeworks with the Oculus Rift and Linux?

I created a project with project generator and added ofxOculusDK2 as an addon. When I tried to compile my project I got a error in the OVR_Nullptr.h file. I commented out the #include for OVR_Nullptr.h, and precoded to add the relevant linux files under /LibOVR/Src/Displays. Currently I am getting a "multiple definition of ‘OVR::Dispaly::Initialize()’ error in “OVR_Linux_Display.cpp”

Anyone got any ideas for me?


Fixed it with the help of @sphaero

@sphaero has a git with a modified version of ofxOculusDK2 with a linux compatible branch. https://github.com/sphaero/ofxOculusDK2/tree/linux_0.4.4

I got a weird compilation error “reference to symbol ‘shm_unlink@@GLIBC_2.2.5’” To fix this, simply add


to your config.make