ofxOauth and google +

Has anybody tried to use @bakercp ofxOauth and Google +?
It seems that google has a slightly different way of using Oauth. They don’t provide “CONSUMER_KEY” nor “CONSUMER_SECRET”. they provide “Client ID, Client secret, Redirect URIs”.

Is ofxOauth ready to handle this?

I’m sorry… but my knowledge on Oauth is still a bit fuzzy… so its hard for me to understand how far is the addon to handle google’s Oauth.

Hey @JordiPuig the addon only supports oauth 1.0 and Google deprecated all oauth 1.0 support a few years ago. It may still work, but an oauth 2.0 solution is needed. See this for more:


There are probably some other options, but I believe https://github.com/timscaffidi/ofxYouTubeVideoUploader uses oauth2 to interact w/ Google, so that might be useful for finding some hints …

Awesome! thank you so much for the hint! i will have a look there!

Hey Jordi – are you still in Norway?

Yes! For a while… Are you traveling?

@JordiPuig sending you a message …