ofxNuitrack on Bootcamp Win10 x64 vs2017

I want to use realsense D435 camera tracking for user skelton joint position.
I tried to use addon ofxNuitrack (Downloaded from GitHub).

I managed to build ofxNuitrack on windows 10.

I did these things.

  • installed realsense viewer to check the camera was working
  • updated the realsense firmware
  • installed nuitrack.exe on the system and rebooted
  • installed ofxNuitrack under oF addons
  • replaced the libs and includes in ofxNuitrack from the Nuitrack SDK
  • built the project with changes reflecting the things above

Build in vs2017 was succeeded.
But debug running is immediately stopped because ofexception error which is not handled has occurred in KernelBase.dll and vcruntime140d.dll.

The file where error occurred is here.

line32: throw tdv::nuitrack::ModuleNotInitializedException();


Nuitrack can be run only in 3 minutes even though user without license.
But this debug running immediately has been forced to stop.

How can I solve it ?

---- Developping Environment —
OS: BootCamp Windows 10 (MacBook Pro 2012)
Visual Studio 2017
intel realsense camera
Nuitrack SDK

I will check tomorrow but please make sure about followings

  • your oF and Nuitrack architecture must be the same(32bit or 64bit)
  • install visual c++ redistributable

I can solve this problem by reconnect all cables with realsense, thanks.