Hello people, I while ago I wanted to create a multi windowed oF app, but didn’t like doing multi windowing with GLUT, so here is ofxNSWindower:


It allows for easy multi windowing on OSX, and other stuff like mouse scrolled events and easy integration with OSX/Cocoa GUIs. All the examples in the video are also in the source repo:



Thanks for the addon! Really great idea to make this. I especially like the easy integration with Cocoa GUIs! I tried it on Lion with OF 0071:

  • the empty example works great :slight_smile:

  • gui example builds but then shows the colored loading circle for quite some time and my macbook starts to sound like an airplane. then it shows the little control slider and submit button, but I can not use it… the control window does not react to my actions…

  • multi example: does build but I have some warnings. the fonts example window keeps loading but shows nothing, while the other shows the graphic example. movie example window does not open at all.

  • vbo example: seems to work fine. not sure if this is on purpose: I if have to click on the app symbol in the dock in order to see window 1&2…

I really think this will be a very helpful addon, and I’m glad it already seems to work quite well on 0071 and Lion! Thumbs up and thank you!


Thanks for the comments but it sounds like it hardly works on Lion!

I’ll have to try and borrow a friends machine running Lion and fix the problems…

Hi, hope you are not disappointed by my experience with Lion - maybe I should add that I tried it on a very slow first generation macbook air and I can imagine that the gui example would have worked in the end, if I had been patient with it a bit longer… Also of course I tried 0071 and Lion at once. So I am not sure whether the behavior was caused by Lion and or by using 0071 instead of 007… Maybe it would be good to have someone else share their experience with it? Good luck with fixing it. Cheers!

Hi Hanna,

Just to let you know, I have tracked down the bug and fixed with the GUI example when running on Lion. Thanks for your feedback, it really helped.


great news. That’s very much appreciated :slight_smile: Will try them when I get home from work! Thanks again… Best, Hanna

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I tried it and I can confirm that it works like a charm :slight_smile: Looking forward to using it! Thanks again for the update.

P.S. How difficult do you think it would be to implement a drag and drop functionality, comparable to the one provided with the OF-glut windows? I tried it myself using the info provided here (https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/DragandDrop/Tasks/DraggingFiles.html#//apple-ref/doc/uid/20001288-CEGJFDFG) but I did not manage to do it…

Hi Hanna,

Great idea, I have never used drag and drop in oF, so I didn’t include it to begin with. Now that you mention it, I couldn’t resist reading up on how OSX handled drag and drops and I have included it in ofxNSWindower.

The mechanism for accessing drag and drop data is exactly the same as a normal oF app, i.e. dragEvent(ofDragInfo info)


Oh wow! Thank you. That is really great. I’m looking forward to looking into it and trying stuff out all weekend :smiley: !!!