ofxMultitouch - include iphoneApp.h ?

hi all

i’m trying to build a multitouch system using OF 062 on OSX and while i’m successfully using ofxTuioWrapper i’d like to include ofxMultitouch to use with ofxMSAInteractiveObject and the ofxMultiTouchObject, nevertheless ofxMultitouch has iphoneApp.h included and i can;t get it to work, how can i fix this?

thanx for your help!1

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hi again,

i have ofxTuioWrapper examples working, but have to comment out ofxMultitouch as it asks me for ‘iphoneApp.h’ but i’m coding this for osx!?
i’ve crazy trying to understand what i’m doing wrong but no clue so far, can anyone point some directions please?

thanx in advance!


so I finally sort of fixed my problem and have ofxMultitouch working! yay!
but i had to use a different version of ofxMultitouch (from CCV - http://nuicode.com/projects/tbeta/repository/revisions/206/browse/branches/tbeta/CCV-fid/addons/ofxMultiTouch )
still, i’d really like to know, were other people using the version coming with of 062 - how did u get it to work?!
what am i doing wrong?

looking forward to learn more!

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I was able to use the ofxMultitouch by just commenting out the requirement for iphoneApp.h using release 0062.