ofxMultiKinectV2 on windows- linking .libs visual studio-`LNK 1120 unresolved externals

Hi, I am trying to port ofxMultikinectv2 (https://github.com/hanasaan/ofxMultiKinectV2) to work on windows. I am not super sure of what I am doing. I tried to compile libfreenect2 but failed, instead I downloaded the release and this includes a libfreenect2.lib file and added that to my project. In my ignorance I expected it to have a 32 and 64 bit and debug and release versions of each, but it is just one freenect2.lib file and I no matter the configuration I don’t get it to work.(I made sure I got the visual studio 2015 version, with the correctr version of libusb.

I have added paths to headers and libs for OpenCL, and turbo jpeg. The code compiles fine, and I think I have made everything work ok, except linking to the freenect2.lib.

I have added the lib to the project properties>linker>additional dependancies
and the path to the lib to project properties>linker>general>additional library directories
and the headers and source also have thier paths set correctly (just from the folder structure and using the project generator).

I am sure my openCL and libturbojpeg path are correct as I am using them for other projects. The errors I get when I compile are all related to LNK 1120 unresolved externals, for example:

Error LNK2001 unresolved external symbol "public: virtual void __cdecl libfreenect2::RgbPacketProcessor::setFrameListener(class libfreenect2::FrameListener *)" (?setFrameListener@RgbPacketProcessor@libfreenect2@@UEAAXPEAVFrameListener@2@@Z)

Is there something I missed in setting up my liunker settings or importing the lib? IS this even the correct way to go about this, it seems to match the pattern of the mac version.

It would be great to get some advice on this.