ofxMultiKinectV2 on Linux?

Did anybody got ofxMultiKinectV2 working on Linux / Ubuntu 16.04? According to this issue here several people tried without success – including me. Maybe somebody here on the forum archived that goal?

Are there any alternative OF Kinect V2 addons available that provide the pointcloud and work with Ubuntu 16.04?


Hey, I hace been experimenting getting a point cloud from these addons in windows. In general I think there are more efficient ways to get the point cloud, those outlined in the libfreenect2 library. This requires using the registration->apply method and then using the registration->getPointXYZRGB. The ofxKinectV2 addon can be modified to do so, however it is based on an older version of the libfreenect library that was less efficient. I have looked around a lot and feel that starting from this will help you. From there you can try to upgrade the addon to use the latest release of libfreenect2, and then eexperiment with some of the accelerated pipelines like cuda over openCL which has some performance benefits.

I still had some hope that there is an already working Linux solution somewhere around. Looks like I have to get my hands dirty :wink: Thanks for the hints into the right direction.