Hello, I’ve just started to play with OF and I want to port an application I’ve created in Processing using the traer.physics librarie to OF. I’ve found references to a similar librarie for OF: ofxMSAPhysics. I understand that a version is downloadable at http://code.google.com/p/ofxmsaof/, but I can’t find any files there. Can anyone tell me where I can download the latest version of ofxMSAPhysics? Thanks in advance.

  • Mark.

Hi, the source is in a SVN repository at google code.

To download it you’d need to connect with a SVN client (e.g. tortoiseSVN on windows, svnX on Mac).

Alternatively you can download a zip from a git mirror at http://github.com/of/ofx-msa/tree/master (courtesy of Lian).

OK, thanks memo I’ve downloaded the archive from http://github.com/of/ofx-msa/tree/master.

  • Mark.