ofxMSAOpenCL on ubuntu 14.04LTS

Hi all!

I’m trying compile ofxMSAOpenCL helloworld exemple and i got some errors from

MSAopenClKernel.cpp : .

./../../addons/ofxMSAOpenCL/src/MSAOpenCLKernel.cpp|7|error: cast from ‘msa::OpenCL*’ to ‘int’ loses precision [-fpermissive]|

and if i disable the line concerned, next error come from

/usr/local/OF/apps/myApps/cl_helloworld/../../../addons/ofxMSAOpenCL/src/MSAOpenCLMemoryObject.cpp|18|undefined reference to « clReleaseMemObject »|

I tryed to link Opencl from Cuda install, in C::B like this article,

Link libraries:


and Linker:

But i still have errors like:
Undefined reference to “clGetPlatformIDs”

Any ideas ?
ps: should i create environment var ?