ofxMSAInterpolator. How do I edit a ofVec3f point position

Hey guys

Im working with ofxMSAInterpolator to create a spline. I am building the 3D spline like this

spline3D.push_back(ofVec3f(-200,   700,    0));  
spline3D.push_back(ofVec3f(0,      680,    -200));  
spline3D.push_back(ofVec3f(200,    660,    0));  
spline3D.push_back(ofVec3f(0,      640,    200));  
spline3D.push_back(ofVec3f(-200,   620,    0));  
//and so on  

How would I edit a point in the spline at a certain position? I was thinking of something like

void edit3DPoint(ofVec3f newPointPosition, int positionInVector)  
    spline3D[positionInVector] = newPointPosition;  

Last time I used MSAInterpolator (a couple of years ago) I remember having the same problem and ending up altering the lib to gain access to the vectors.

Depending on how you’re using it you might be better off looking into ofPolyline. I now tend to use this for tasks where MSAInterpolator was useful.