ofxMSAInteractiveObject error

Hi All

I’m fairly new to openFrameworks. I’m trying to use ofxSimpleGuiToo. To use this I need to
link to ofxMSAInteractiveObject and a few other addons. There seems to be an issue with
ofxMSAInteractiveObject. I’ve not even included the lib in my header file yet but I’m getting
the following error:


XCode version - 3.2.1
OS - Snow Leopard
OF version - 0061

Any help would be greatly appreciated


the error “duplicate symbol main” means that you’ve included two main.cpp files in the project somewhere. The computer compiles both of them, but when it goes to link (take object code, ie .o files, and link them up) is sees two or more of the main() function and it doesn’t know which one to link to.

I suspect you might have added the example code from the addon to your project as well, look for other main.cpp / testApp.cpp, etc in the addons that you’ve accidentally added.

take care!

Perfect thanks Zach. I had 3 main.cpp files :slight_smile: