ofxMotionTracker: How to use a new addon?

Hi all,
I’m learning to program with oF.
I tried some of the example in the …/apps/examples folder and everything got well :slight_smile:

Now I’d like to use a new addon (ofxMotionTracker) which I’ve downloaded from this forum. I split its folder in two: ofxMotionTracker_beta2/src, that I copied into ~./of_preRelease_v0062_linux/addon/ and ofxMotionTracker_beta2/examples, that I copied into the oF’s addonsExamples (…did I right?)

Anyway, I added ofxMotionTracker/src path to the Compiler Search Directory (I’m using Code::Blocks)
and this line into my code:


#include "ofxMotionTracker.h"  
class testApp : public ofBaseApp {  
        MotionTracker motionTracker;  


void testApp::setup() {  
   // ---- MOTION TRACKING (from motionTracker example)  
   motionTracker.init(320, 240, 1);  
	motionTracker.setOpticalFlowResolution(320, 240);  
void testApp::update() {  
	ofBackground(250, 250, 250)  
	motionTracker.update();  // MOTION TRACKING   
void testApp::draw() {  
   // ---- MOTION TRACKING (from motionTracker example)  
	motionTracker.drawDebugVideo(20, 300, 320, 240);  

when I compile, I get 13 errors like this

undefined reference to `MotionTracker::MotionTracker()’|

that means (probably) I need to link to libraries .so or .a libs. But… none of the addons have libs!
Why do the addons included in the addonsExample folder work but not this one?
how can I fix?

thanx in advance,

ps. obviously, I’m writing my app in oF’s ./apps/examples folder