ofxMonomeControl gets around MonomeSerial and OSC

It feels like I’ve spent years being frustrated with MonomeSerial as a go-between for my monome and OF. Somehow the sockets don’t hear each other, MS won’t save properties properly, and I can’t get over the thought that this extra step is adding latency, though I’ve never tested this theory.

And I’ve never actually seen an openFrameworks extension to deal with this.

So here it is:

ofxMonomeControl is a simple class for communicating with a monome directly though serial USB.

Lots of caveats:
-I’ve tested against 006. Not 007.
-I’ve tested with a monome 128 on Windows 7. That’s it. I expect this should work for other platforms and monome sizes, but… who knows? I’d love to hear if anyone else has any luck.
-Functionality is very basic, but provides enough of a structure for the two of who actually searched for “monome” in this forum to get going. Lacking: Brightness, “Test” command, orientation, ADCs. But for push-button and LED control, this class has been making my life easier.

There’s a sample app that should make implementation fairly obvious.

Anyway, It certainly beats rolling your own OSC and dealing with MonomeSerial. Good luck!

Nice work. If you want people to find this easily, and/or contribute/improve/fork the addon, it would make much sense to put it on github. that way, it’s where the vast majority of OF addons live, and would get indexed by http://ofxaddons.com/. :slight_smile:
If you test against a newer version, there’s a new release coming up which currently lives in the OF develop branch, probably would make sense to test against that one: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/tree/develop

Well, bilderbuchi, thanks for the serious kick in the butt! I’ve finally gotten a decent hold on git, submitted a few bug fixes against the OF repo for ofSerial, and properly published my new addon:


I just hope I’m fixing more problems than I’m creating!