ofXmlSettings not parsing abbreviated closing tags

Hi guys,
I’m currently trying to parse a XML file using ofxXmlSettings.
Everything is going fine, but when I try to get the attributes of the following <use> tag I find none.
I am at the <g> level and I’m using

settings.getAttributeNames("use", outNames);
// where settings is an ofxXmlSettings object
// and outNames a vector<string>& for storing the result names

cout << "<use> attributes: ";
for(int c = 0; c < outNames.size(); c++){
    cout << outNames[c] << ", ";
cout << endl;

My input xml is:

<g style="blabla">
<use xlink:href="‪#‎glyph0‬-2" x="533.410845" y="611.697416"/>

When I modified the xml in this way (with the tag closed in the non abbreviated way), I was able to get the attributes:

<g style="blabla">
<use xlink:href="#glyph0-2" x="533.410845" y="611.697416">

Do you know if this is a bug or my fault? Is there some workaround?


Found the bug! It was my fault, I was looping into the <g> tags using settings.pushTag(“g”); instead of

settings.pushTag("g", i);
// where i is my int counter.

This lead to a number of false positives! :smiley: