ofxMidi send controller change not working


I’m trying to use ofxMidi to control a midi interface and I need to send some controller change.

I have tried to use midiOut.sendControlChange(channel, number, value).

The messages are correctly sended but it’s like they are not understood (I know thanks to a led that messages are correctly sent).

For information, I am used to do the same thing with different midi interfaces using Processing, themidibus library and function like sendControllerChange(channel, number, value) and it works perfetly.

I have chosen the correct port in the ofApp setup function and I’m using the function sendControlChange in mousePressed. I’m sure about the port and the number. Both are 0 and I have chosen values between 0 and 127 while using sendControlChange(channel, number, value).

Do you know what I’m missing ? I’m using windows 10 (hope it’s not related).

I have written some basic code here (that doesn’t work as expected) : https://github.com/fdiba/BTM/tree/master/midi_test

It was the channel number. I should have used 1 instead of 0.