ofxMidi or ofxOsc: Pros/Cons


I would like to connect my midi device to oF to send info from the device to oF.
Though I don’t even know if it would be possible to connect a midi device through OSC…
A few years ago I used to connect my iPhone to processing through touchOSC/osculator (which by the way became a shareware!).

I am quite a beginner and have a clear lack of knowledge so my question may be strange
but I wanted to know if there were any advantage/disadvantage to use OSC over Midi or vice-versa.

After I am having some issues while compiling an ofxMidi examples with oF007 on OSX 10.7,
but I guess this will be an other topic…

Thank you in advance for your help!

for a midi device you need ofxMidi, unless it’s some strange device which supports osc, regular midi devices only communicate through midi

Thank you for the answer!

OK that resumes everything pretty clearly.

I thought I could use Osculator to do OSC->Midi and Midi->OSC.
Then I guess I will have to make ofxMidi working!!

Many thanks.

Looking into OSC->Midi and ran across this OSC/Midi Wifi device