ofxMIDI not working with latest everything?

thank you @danomatika for this great addOn.

I’m trying the MIDI-input example with OF 0.98, on OS X 10.12.2.
I have a midi controller connected, and I am successfully receiving midi control changes in other applications.

Here are the steps i followed:

  • I used the project generator to make a new project that includes the ofxMIDI
  • I replaced the three source files (main.cpp, ofApp.h, ofApp.cpp) with the ones from the example
  • I successfully built the project and see this:

But i don’t see any values coming in.

No compilation errors, or any other errors of any kind, and MIDI continues to come to other applications.


Alas, my midi conroller was on port number ‘0’!
That had to be changed in ofApp.cpp

	// open port by number (you may need to change this)