ofxMidi no build in of_v0.10.0_linux64gcc6_release


./…/…/addons/ofxMidi/src/ofxMidiMessage.h:61:2: error: « vector »
vector bytes;

an idea of where the problem might come from?
Thank you for your ideas.



Maybe it hasn’t been updated to OF 0.10 yet?

vector should be std::vector
string should be std::string

This fork is up to date: https://github.com/npisanti/ofxMidi


Ok I’ll see the fork …
as a solution on my side:
I added #include “ofMain.h” to ofMidiMessage.h and it’s ok …
Thank you


Your solution works because at the bottom of ofMain.h you find this line:

using namespace std;

Instead of including the whole ofMain.h you could add that single line, otherwise compilation will be slower.

The recommended approach starting from OF 0.10 is to prefix std:: when using vector and string and others to avoid name collisions. This will be slowly applied to all maintained addons, but it’s good to know how to fix it yourself :slight_smile: