ofxMidi hear midi outs

Hi, I’m starting with Openframeworks and I have an issue with the addon ofxMidi. I would like to develop an application that plays midi notes using different forms of algorithmic composition, and I’m testing if with OF I can develop it. I’m trying to run the example exampleOutput in Xcode and all I can get is the MIDI messages printed out of the console. I want those messages to be also played by a general MIDI instrument, and heard at the computer. I’m searching a lot for this issue and I can’t yet be able to resolve it.

Can anyone help me? Many thanks. Sorry for my english mistakes. :smile:

Midi is just a protocol used for communication. All ofxMidi does is send and receive bytes to or from another application. It is up to the applications what they want to do with the Midi Data.

In your case you want to use ofxMidi for outputting midi. And you want to send Midi data from your openframeworks app to an external synthesizer either software or hardware. you can use this app to help with routing, http://notahat.com/midi_patchbay/