ofxMidi: 2 MIDI value simultaneously (SHIFT pad + DRUM pad)


I guess my topic subject isn’t that clear so here is my situation.

I would like to use one pad of my MIDI controller as a “SHIFT” key
for example

if ((eventArgs.byteOne == shiftPAD) && (eventArgs.byteTwo == padDOWN))  
   if ((eventArgs.byteOne == pad1) && (eventArgs.byteTwo == padDOWN))  
    { ...  

The thing is that eventArgs can only have one value at a time…
So I could easily have a bool shiftPadDown = true when shiftPAD is down and then make my test on that.
But I wanted to know if there was any other solution (adding a 2nd specific listener?).

Thank you in advance for your help!

not just eventArgs can deal with one event at a time, MIDI, being a serial protocol, has the same limitation.

So your bool sounds like a good bet.

Thank you for your reply robotfunk.

My bad for forgetting it is a serial protocol.

I am just starting to use MIDI device (love Maschine!) so I still have a lot to discover!!

Many many thanks.