ofxMaxim Tutorials

Hi everyone,

I am currently building a tutorial series on ofxMaxim.

I won’t promise that my explanations are perfect, nor the code; I’m fairly new to C++, let alone DSP, but the code does as it is advertised!

I wanted to share it incase anyone wanted to start a project and was confused on how to start. Let me know about any mistakes (I’m sure there are plenty) and any requests if there are some.

Code will be in a repository soon and all the video’s will link to them.

Current plan:

  1. simple oscillator
  2. mixing
  3. amp mod
  4. envelopes
  5. freq mod
  6. multiple oscillators
  7. FFT <— videos to this point are uploaded
  8. audio input <— videos to this point are made
  9. simple sampler
  10. simple sequencer
  11. step sequencer
  12. filters
  13. delay
  14. distortion <— projects/code to this point are completed
  15. chorus & flanger
  16. bark scale analysis
  17. MFCC
  18. reverb (algorithmic not convolution)
  19. granular
  20. euclidean rhythms?




Hi Leon, these look great thanks for putting together such a handy resource.

I think it could be beneficial to include the final projects in a Github repository so students could quickly go back and look over the code in a specific area without having to re-watch the video. What are your thoughts on this?

Hi Joshua,

That’s absolutely in the works, it should all be up no later than a couple of days. I want to comment out everything and have it looking clean for the general public.

Best, Leon

Great news thanks Leon. Looks like it will be a really valuable resource.

Hi Leon,

many thanks for your video tutorials, it really helped me a great deal in getting started with ofxMaxim. I hope you continue this great series.


Really nice Leon!
Do you plan to do any more? And did you place the code in a repository somewhere?


I was following this tutorial and put up code in this repo, hope it’s helpful

@superdude +1 for new chapters though. Love your implementation of examples and still hungry for more!

Thanks all, and firmread really appreciate the repo, my code is backed up somewhere but not on git and have changed OS’s a couple of times since these vids so have been putting off uploading it! :slight_smile:

Naturally like everyone I’ve been very busy lately but will get around to this. Is there anything in particular you would like to see?

Most recently audio-wise I have been working on integrating the Maximilian library with the JUCE framework to make a synth for a interview of sorts. Really worth checking out the framework for DSP and Synth stuff, one of the nicer frameworks I have seen out there.

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second half of your plan listed above sounds super exciting for me. Out of all those, only granular is the one i’ve done using OF. if you already have code for distortion but not the video I would love to take a look at it as well.

I would also vote priority to filters, delay, chorus&flanger, and reverb. As this sounds like a fun toolset to have and I just don’t know how to do it in OF :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of JUCE before. From a quick skim on their site, seems like pretty decent frameworks. Will try to get into it if I have free time.