ofxMapBox for IOS


First version of my library. Still allot to do:

Mapbox for Openframeworks IOS

I’ve been struggeling with the limitations of the MapKit library in openframeworks so I had to modify MapBox to work together with Openframeworks. After that there where some issues with the panning. I’ve fixed this with adding RMMapScrollView* _mapScrollView and locking the GLView to the offset of the scrollView. Because of this, touch events could be sended to both views at the same time.
This is an early release.

Wat is possible right now:

  • top layer EaglView with touch events and gesture events received by the RMMapView
  • add custom MBTiles with offlineMap(string map)

What is going to come:

  • route-me navigation (on the openframeworks layer)
  • cycle map source
  • sea map layers

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I will be working on this library for the next month. So there will be allot of changes. Some interesting stuff i’ve discovered when not locking the GLView to the offset (ugly hack) is that it stays on the maps location. So then there could be an glView layer be added to the map.


  • GL updating working correct. Other issues related to that are solved.
  • Added online map tiles onlineMap(“url”);
  • Fixed zoom problem. But there’s an GL updating problem, when zooming. Same with double tapping.


added YOURS route system from Open Streetmaps. It requests the data threaded, so there’s no delay in your app. You can use it by adding the ofxJSON library. See the example. link: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/YOURS

Great development! Is there a way to open a url from a map annotation?


Tomorrow I am going to add that. Updated the testApp.mm with a better example. Having some zoom problems. Will fix that tomorrow.

I am updating the library to 0074. It’s allready usable in 0074, but there are still a few bugs. Look into the development branch.

Next to that I’ll add some new features:

  • improve route system
  • improve layer updating

Already added:

  • map rotation
  • retina support
  • better example

If mapbox finished the development I will add the 3D view feature too.