I’m working on addon for openFrameworks based on the ManyMouse library by Ryan C. Gordon.

With this addon you can read values from multiple mice/pointing devices.

I’ll keep you informed.

wow that sounds awesome!
and super useful.

can’t wait to check it out.

I’m still working on this ofxManyMouse addon and it seems to me that there is not an openFrameworks way to dispatch and handle events or do something with callbacks. Right?

What would you guys recommend me for my multiple mouse events (mousedown, released, click, scroll, move, start/stop drag, disconnect etc)?

I’ve been looking in to some libraries. I found for example a nice script called callback.h by Joel Vennin (http://csourcesearch.net/package/adonth-…-callback.h) which could do the job for me but maybe you guys have a better solution.


any new on this project?.. I am working on a “multitouch” tracking library in OF… so very relative :slight_smile:

working on it :slight_smile:
hope to release a first version it today.

I finished a first version of my ofxManyMouse addon:

You can find it here:

One things I really want to add in the future is event handling, being able to for example register for an onMouseDown event.

I hope it will be of use for you. Good luck!

I’m currently working on event handling for ofxManyMouse and I’m making progress with that.

I wrote (found & modified) a callback class which enables me to do the following:

void testApp::setup() {  
    mice[1].onMouseWheel =   
        cbMouseWheel.set(this, &testApp::onMouseWheel);  
void testApp::onMouseWheel() {  
    cout << "onMouseWheel" << endl;  

The ofxManyMouse class will just call the function like this:


I’m not using parameters at the moment, that will be the next step.

I’ll keep you updated.

Just had to say… this ofx addon is AMAZING… thanks very much I look forward to get creative with it.

hi, would love to use this for a project using multiple touchscreens feeding into one computer (rendering to 3 monitors).

tried to compile in os-x but i get the following error:

Line Location ofxManyMouse.h:110: error: ‘verbose’ was not declared in this scope
Line Location ofxManyMouse.h:113: error: ‘verbose’ was not declared in this scope

okay, apologies to anyone who read this post before this edit! just got it to compile:

first up, those two lines just printed to console so i commented them out for now.

next, including the entire contents of ofxManyMouse/lib is no good. delete everything inside except the *.c and *.h files

then for osx users only, you need to include the carbon and iokit frameworks. to do this, control click in your ‘groups and files’ somewhere once you have your xcode project open (such as the libs folder) and click ‘add existing framework’ and select the framework to add.

once you have added both frameworks and included just the necessary files it should compile (more info in ofxManyMouse/lib/README)

i’m running into trouble compiling this library using make for osx.

it seems to be related to compiling the examples files:

example/test_manymouse_sdl.c:15:17: error: SDL.h: No such file or directory

does anybody have a compiled lib that they can share with me?

or tips for other approaches?



ooops … jumped the gun on this one. i just realized that i could simply include the .h and .c files and the iokit and carbon frameworks directly into my oF project. it’s working now.



I tried to compile the ofxManyMouse software with MacOSX10.4, and the compiler says that it doesn’t know the vars “ManyMouseDriver_hidmanager” with openframeworks-005

With openframeworks-006, there is 28 errors (by example:macosx_hidmanager.c:99: error: ‘IOHIDDeviceRef’ undeclared (first use in this function)).
(I know that ofxManyMouse is done for of005, but it could be work…)

I add the two library: IoKit.framework and Carbon.framework in each test.
Does anybody know if this software work on MacOSX10.4? If yes, could you help me a little bit, please?

Thank you,


FYI, the API for ofEvents has been changed to ofEvents() in 0071, as per http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/openframeworks-0071-release/9914/1
Just changing the call in Line #15 of the ofxManyMouse.cpp works for now until the library is updated…