Hi there,

My name is Wei Chia from Malaysia. Well i hope i can learn a lot, sharing from Open Frameworks folks here.

Well, just want say big thanks to Zachary Lieberman, Theo Watson, who started this amazing frameworks that could literally change the way we think about coding. OpenFrameworks is not just about code, is an art, a development culture, like a poetry in computer codes, an melody in the cyberspace that makes me invested my emotion in it.

Anyway, enough for some praise, is time to get back to my green innovation using OPENFRAMEWORKS. THANKS ANYWAY TO THE AUTHOR OF OPENFRAMEWORKS AND ITS CONTRIBUTORS. GOD BLESS YOU !! Thanks for changing the world. Happy and play safe with OpenFrameworks coding !

Best Regard
Wei Chia.
From a small town of Sungai Petani, Malaysia.