I’m trying to understand what ofxLiquiEvent is for ? Is it a custom ofEvents ? Is it really wet ?
I think @elliotwoods could help
I’m curious because I plan to implement a new camera with ofxMachineVision and it’s requiring ofxLiquidEvent
Thanks !

For who cares, It seems related to C++11 lamda functions, which is something I don’t know about. Surprisingly, it’s not related to bottles or rain

i can confirm that it doesn’t relate to events which change shape to fit their container
it was originally a mispronunciation of ofxLambdaEvent, and it just sounded less robotic so i stuck with it

which camera driver are you planning to implement
great to hear you’re interested in using ofxMachineVision!

which platform are you on? win/osx/linux?

Are lambda functions going to be used in OF core events with incoming 0.9 ?

I have two cameras that I’m interested to use with ofxMachineVision
First, not really a camera, but a Blueview sonar with a “blocking” driver. All the threaded stuff seems written if a pretty way in MachineVision.
Secondly I want to try Ximea for ofxMachineVision, I know you made it, I just have different model. I can remember that you used a MQ042CG-CM model, and I have a MQ013RG-E2 model, so I have to test it.
BTW, I suggest you put a MachineVision or MV prefix to your ueye and ximea addons cause they are kind of MachineVison addons, it would suggest that they are MV dependent.

I’m working on OSX and Windows

Have you made any progress with the Ximea cameras? I’m trying to get one to work right now as well, and am having issues on OSX.

Hi @marsman12019
Yes my ximea camera is working with OF on OSX, what issues do you get ?

I didn’t use elliotwoods addon because it needed c++11, I started a new addon specifically for ximea driver.
Independently from the software,I had issues with my 2011 macbook pro, connecting the camera with a thunderbolt dock to have usb3 ports. After a while, I get disconnections. But the problem does not appear on native usb3 macs. We suppose it’s due to a power issue with the dock.

I’m having c++11 troubles as well — I’ve been trying to use the x3api framework on its own within OF, but it was built for 64-bit systems, and the compiler keeps ignoring it. What did you do to get around that?

Thankfully, I’m using an iMac with built-in USB 3 ports.

I used https://github.com/NickHardeman/openframeworks_osx_64

Did you have issues with the Quicktime Framework not being built for x86_64, or any undefined symbols errors with FreeImage, namely:

Edit: These errors seem to have popped up elsewhere on here (one, two), but it sure seems like all of the libraries are correctly linked.

yes you have the fix here Xcode6 compile issue

Awesome. It works! It does seem that $(LIB_FREEIMAGE) $(LIB_FREETYPE) was missing from the config file.

great to hear you got it running on osx

oF 0.9.0 should bring x64 to osx officially, plus c++11
so you’ll have the best of both worlds (and decent Ximea support on osx)

I know ofxMachineVision seems a bit ‘much’ at first, but it implements a lot of core functionality for dealing with industrial cameras, and means you can easily switch cameras on projects too
be great if you could merge forces with ofxXimea when you get c++11!