ofxLibwebsockets: connecting phone browser to desktop app

I am working on app where I want to change images in oF desktop app from the phone.
I’m using https://github.com/labatrockwell/ofxLibwebsockets library.
On my computer I run oF app with the local browser window - everything works fine (echo example):

but when I try to open the same page from the phone (connected through wifi), it doesn’t work:

I have pretty basic sockets knowledge, so probably I’m missing some initial concepts. Do I have to run additional server?

Appreciate any suggestions.

Hm, not sure, other than an incompatible browser, but most modern phones should support it. If you can’t get it working you could also test ofxJSONRPC https://github.com/bakercp/ofxJSONRPC.

I’ve used it extensively w/ production websites for mobile apps and it has worked with lots of different phones … so it should work.

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ofxJSONRPC works perfectly for what I need. Thank you!

Just for the record:

here’s my setup:

Desktop app:

Phone browser:

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