ofxLaunchpad: novation launchpad wrapper

here’s a wrapper for the novation launchpad, an 80 button matrix of dual-color LED buttons with a central 8x8 grid.


it implements the programmer’s guide for the device, and goes a little bit further by implementing some basic use cases like toggle-lights, momentary-lights, and allowing you to draw to the device like it’s an FBO.

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I just got a Launchpad and tried out your code. I think I understand the examples, however, only the toggle example checks the status of the Launchpad. And it does so by calling getLedGrid(x,y) for a button on a certain position.
But how do I listen for midi events without checking the status of every button? Somehow I can’t manage to set up the launchpadListener. Do you have a short code example?

forgot to change

class testApp : public ofBaseApp  


class testApp : public ofBaseApp, public ofxLaunchpadListener  

The listener works now.