ofxKinectV2 with KinectForWindows SDK 2.0 (Open Beta)


I should change the question I did.
I’m trying to compile ofxKinectV2 but it said it can not open cario-static.lib.
I’m using VS2012 with oF 0.8.3.

I’m a beginner for windows dev environment. (even in mac…)

Is there any to avoid this issue?

Thank you


1.Did you use Windows8 64bit version?
2.Did you use x64 librariy for openFrameworks? Such as, https://github.com/sadmb/openFrameworks/tree/Win64.

Please check here,

Thank you for an important information.
I just downloaded and trying to set up the environment right. But I’m getting linker errors.
I will keep experiments to get right setting for kinect V2.

Thank you so much.