Hi oF!

I’ve written an addon that simplifies getting Kinect V2 skeletal data off of Windows and onto a Mac running openFrameworks.

Here’s what you see on your Windows machine:

Here’s what you see on your Mac:

Basically you run a simple utility on your Windows machine, which monitors the attached Kinect and broadcasts skeletons over OSC. Hop over to your Mac, and run ofxKinectV2-OSC to get access to all the points and render a sample skeleton.

You can read more about the addon on my blog:

Or check it out on Github:

You won’t have to do any coding in Windows (just type in the IP address of the Mac). And on your Mac / openFrameworks, you get a nice clean object model for inspecting the skeletons:

ofxKinectV2OSC kinect;

void setup() {

//This draws the left hand of each skeleton to the screen
void draw() {
  vector<Skeleton>* skeletons = kinect.getSkeletons();

  for(int i = 0; i < skeletons->size(); i++) {
    Skeleton* skeleton = &skeletons->at(i);
    Joint handLeft = skeleton->getHandLeft();
    ofCircle(handLeft.getPoint(), 25);

The example project will get you off the ground with rendering a full skeleton.

hi, did you tested in 0.9.8 vs2015?


I have not used it for a while. Did you try?