OfxKinectV2 on windows 10


I’d like to connect 2 kinectV2 with windwos 10.
So, I’d like to use ofxKinectV2.
The error I get is libusb-1.0.dll is an invalid or corrupt file.
First of all, as for the procedure, if the installation of “OpenKinect / libfreenect 2” is not done properly, will such an error be generated?

1 . I have installed the SDK for kinect for windows 2.0. Is it unnecessary?

2 . I got an error “No such file or directory” in #include <CL / opencl.h> on line 170 of cl.hpp, so I copied the CL folder to ofxKinectV2 \ libs \ libfreenect2 \ include. Is this incorrect?

I can not speak English and I am using google translation.
I am sorry if it was funny English…

windows10 vs2017 of0.9.8

I use the ofxKinectForWindows2 addon, which for me worked better than ofxKinectV2 in Windows. Perhaps you give it a try.

Thanks for the advice.
Is “ofxKinectForWindows 2” connectable multiple times?
I will try it once★

“OfxKinectForWindows 2” was able to run without error.
However, multiple connections may not be supported.
I tried connecting 2 units, but it seems that I got only one.

Windows only official supports a single kinect with the SDK (that is how ofxKinectForWindows2 is made. So far for there is a multi sensor version for mac https://github.com/hanasaan/ofxMultiKinectV2. I think you can run multiple apps on the same machine with a v2 sensor on each and pass data between them. I think that is the way that brekel works with this http://brekel.com/multi-sensor/.

Thank you.
I will use development of ofMultiKinectV2 and proceed with development on Mac.

Someday I’m happy if windows is also supported.

I will do my best to study OF.