ofxKinectProjectorToolkitV2 - issues compiling the calibration project

Hey, I feel like this is going to be a really simple issue.
I have downloaded the ofxKinectProjectorToolkitV2 addon, and installed it in the addon’s section along with all the dependencies listed.

I also installed ofxTimeMeasurements because one of the dependencies was dependent on it.

I then opened the example Calibration project that came with ofxKinectProjectorToolkitV2 and tried to compile and run it but the build failed with the following error

no such file or directory: ‘…/…/…/addons/ofxTurboJpeg/libs/turbo-jpeg/lib/osx/libturbojpeg.a’

The error makes sense - there is no libturbojpeg.a

part of the readme for ofxKinectProjectorToolkitV2 said for any project using ofxKinectProjectorToolkitV2 I’d need to link ofturbojpeg.dylib to the project.

I assume that this has been done for the example, but I checked and - yup it has. So, can anyone help me trouble shoot this? Sory if it’s a dumb question - I’m new to xcode and openframeworks.

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hi @sirbrad, yeah i’m sorry this library has so many requirements.

can you just try removing libturbojpeg.a from the source tree? i don’t think it should be necessary, i believe the dylib should be enough. i’ve also attached the .a file here which you can try. libturbojpeg.a.zip (527.2 KB)

to be honest, this addon’s in rough shape because all the requirements and it’s also not super fast. i think by now i should be able to simplify it using theo’s ofxKinectV2 and get rid of the turbojpeg requirement though i may not be able to do this for some time… for what the addon is capable of, you may want to just use ofxKinectProjectorToolkit if you have a kinect v1, as v2 doesn’t really add a ton more value yet…

Thanks for getting back to me,
Gave it a try and now having some other errors. I think I’ll have a look at the ofxKinectProjectorToolkit first just to make sure its what I’m after, then maybe once I’m comfy with that I’ll revisit V2.