ofxKinect4Azure: addon of Azure Kinect DK for Windows


I finally got Azure Kinect DK (is not sold in Japan yet) and I have tested Azure Kinect DK with official SDK.
It seems it needs CUDA to work on body tracking so I will try with another machine later.


Do you mind to share a picture after try the Azure Kinect DK on machine with CUDA for comparison purpose so we able to know the difference with and without CUDA support. Besides, have you try the body tracking sdk as well?

Thanks for your comment.

I’ve tested with/without CUDA and found it uses cuDNN which is Deep Learning library for pose tracking.

So you have to use PC with NVIDIA graphics card to use pose tracking with Azure Kinect.
But you don’t need CUDA (which means you have to use NVIDIA graphics card) when you don’t use pose tracking. It works on my BOOTCAMP Mac with RADEON graphics card.

I think they use cuDNN because you can choose option to use Azure Kinect on Jetson.

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Thanks @sadmb your finding and reply. My objective to get this Azure Kinect DK is to use their body tracking sdk for development and now it seem CUDA is necessary to run the sdk or else the Azure Kinect DK is just normal sensor camera in RGB and depth camera.

am i right?

Sorry for late reply.
Yes, you are right.


Thank you so much for sharing the addon.
I have acquire the azure kinect and have been trying to open the examples but not been able to make it!
Could I gain some of your help on this?? I am farily unfamilar with the addons and this might be a simple installation error!
I am keep getting messages as attached in the screenshopt :frowning:

Much appreciated.

Thanks for trying my addon.

What version of OF do you use?
It seems glm isn’t included properly which is supported on OF 0.10.0 or higher.

Have you also tried example instead of example_align_color_and_depth?

I have just fixed another bug by the way, so please re-download and try again.

Thank you.


I will try this and keep posted! Seem like the version im using is pretty outdated!


Hi Freddiester,

have you managed to make this addon work? I am testing this addon and also ofxAzureKinect. Both have some issues, but none of the authors is answering to my questions.

If you’re interested we can try to let it work.



We’ve been using this addon from @prisonerjohn for a bunch of projects and its been working great for us:

I noticed the develop branch has some newer features, but I think we’ve been using the master branch.

Anyway it has been completely rock solid.

Hope that is helpful!