Howdy all,

I just updated ofxKinect and all example project files for OF 007. The previous version for 0062 has been tagged as well as a working 007 version. Please re-download and test.


I also slimmed out the branches into only master and develop which will be based on working with the latest bleeding edge OF Core. Users should use the tags for stable versions.

hi, @danomatika i have tryed this new version of ofxKinect with visual studio 10… it works very well! Congratulations and many thanks for this new version. I have had some troubles with the drivers for the kinect (because i have had installed other drivers…) i have installed the right drivers for windows with this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/libusb-win32/files/libusb-win32-releases/
now i begin to develop my app with the kinect!

thank you :slight_smile: