ofxKinect Problems

Hey Guys, long time no see.

Just got the new kinect and trying it out, but got into some problems:

  1. there seems to be some files missing: motor.c, init.c and another i cant remember. Got around this by just removing their requirement.

  2. Got droped frames. Got around this with arturos version for linux. (BTW thanks arturo)

  3. Camera imagery crashes about 10 frames after app starts but app continues to function. Havent got around this one yet. Did anyone have this problem?
    I have this problem on ubuntu 10.04 x64 on two different systems.

If checked that in the update function of ofxKinect.cpp the variable bNeedsUpdate is always false…
Confirmed that libfreenect is working fine, with their given example.

Ok, seems i got the problem. the tilt.c file was not being included and i just commented the calls to the file, i thought it had nothing to do with the imagery. Now all goes good.

I am having the exact same problem on ubuntu 10.04 64-bit. Could you please elaborate how you solved this issue?

First of all have you change what is needed to run the example in 64bit system? you must change some stuff in the build options. Namely some directories from linux to linux64. If you havent done this say so and ill make a small step by step.

If you have the example setup for 64bits check if you have broken files in the addons>ofxKinect>libfreenect on the left side in openframeworks. Remove those.

Then, you must add the missing files located in the (ofxKinect / src / ofxKinect / libs / libfreenect) dir. for me it was the tilt.c .
If you dont know how to add right click on kinectexample on the left and choose add file.

The only problem im having is the RGB image is ariving corrupted, some regions are not consistent.

Thank you, adding tilt.c to the project resolved the problem.

I am getting a flicker in the RGB, is that what you are talking about when you say “the RGB image is ariving corrupted, some regions are not consistent.”?

Yes, seems we have the same problem. Maybe its only on x64 systems.

@eraghant Try this out.

In the file ofxKinect.cpp in ofxKinect::threadedFunction()
comment ofSleepMillis(20);

Tell me if its good for you.

Thank you, it does help.