ofxKinect problem plz help

I am watching openframeworks tutorial by Lewis Lepton and I got stuck at ofxKinect tutorial.

with the pre existing ofxKinect addon in addon folder, the code does “run” but the kinect camera is off.

I downloaded the new addon from github

(which is this)

I copied this file to my addons folder and the code wont run with some errors.

in header file
ofxKinect kinect;
doesnt work with some red line under it… and some more little errors pops up.

how can I use the kinect from openframeworks?

I am using Visual studio 2017 / Windows10 / KinectV1(I can’t find what version this is… the sticker has gone off)

I’ve been holding this problem for like 5hours and still don’t know how to do it.

The ofxKinect version you link states:
This repo will be left for anyone supporting old (pre-0.8.0+) OF projects and will not be updated. The final master branch is compatible with OF 0.8.0.
So I would stay with the version shipped with your version of OF, that’s probably >0.8.0? (Which version of OF are you using?)
Have you checked out the readme? https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/blob/patch-release/addons/ofxKinect/README.md
And thus installed the drivers for Windows?
I haven’t seen the tutorial, so I don’t know it it’s covered there already.

Hi @the_quinton are you using kinect 1 (model 1414) with the sloped ends?

The kinect addon that comes with oF standard is fairly robust - What happens with your camera currently? do you get any leds on the front or a video image?
Do you get any debug text in the console window?
Is this osx or windows or linux?

I’ve had incidents where i have bought external power adaptors for kinect sensors (via ebay if I remember) that did not supply enough power and the sensor appeared dead

i have a walk thru building a 3d photo booth using the ofxkinect addon here


and an older quick intro to kinect video here