ofxKinect+oCv // IR issues

Hello everybody,

I am trying to developper an application with the Kinect in IR mode and face detection with ofxCv.
I’m pretty new to kinect and openCV stuff, and I’m confronted to an issue I really don’t know how to resolve :

I tried to detect the face, using the toCv()…
It works fine with the RGB image, but when I switch to IR mode it doesn’t work anymore :
I just put kinect.init(true) instead of kinect.init() and it crashes…

Does anyone have an idea ?
Please :slight_smile:

Are you calling kinect.init twice (in trying to switch modes?) if so, you will have to call kinect.close() before calling kinect.init again

also, where exactly is it crashing? is it crashing on the kinect.init(true) line, or toCv() or on the face tracking?

there could be a bug with toCv() in this case. one quick way to test is explicitly use toCv(kinect.getPixelsRef())