ofxKinect no avalaible device found

I have this issue:
the kinect was working perfectly with ofxKinect, then I installed ofxOpenNI and it was working too. After a few tries with the examples it stopped working.
ofxKinect says: [warning] ofxKinect: no available devices found
ofxOpenNI says: [notice ] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: Init device…
[verbose] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: Enumerate devicesstatus:Can’t create any node of the requested type!
[warning] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: Device: PrimeSense/SensorKinect/ device is not connected!

Can somebody help me?

I hate to give such mundane advice, but: try unplugging it and plugging it back in or restarting your computer. Or make sure your USB port is working right. The kinect is just a peripheral and sometimes it gets stuck. If that doesn’t work we can try more in depth stuff.

Also, if that doesn’t work, what OS are you on?

Thank you for your answer! I’ve just did a fresh try with ofxKinect and at first I was like: oh God, he’s right I’m so stupid. Because it was working good.
But then I tried with ofxOpenNI and it wasn’t working. Come back to ofxKinect and it was not working too. To me it sounds like there’s some kind of conflict between the libraries or something like that. Is that possible?
Now openNI says: [ error ] ofxOpenNIDevice[0]: setGeneratorResolution() called on invalid generator!
I’m on OF 0.8.1
P.S.: I’m even experiencing detachment of the built-in keyboard of my macBook Pro when ofxKinect doesn’t find the device. Is it possible that the fault is of the newer kinect version?

I found this happened to me when the power strip the Kinect was plugged into tripped its circuit breaker. So make sure to check both the connection to the computer & the Kinect’s power connection.

Thank you for you answer! I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean though. Can you please explain this?