ofxKinect long cable usb or enery power


i did an installation in a room where i had to move some of the kinects to almost 10 metters of distance to the pc connected to it,
so after some days of testing we found problems trying to start some of the devices or sometimes running for a while and then crashing the “oF” app.

So im guessing this problem is caused by the long usb cable or maybe related to changes in the energy supplied to the kinect since some of the devices wherent using any usb extension when crashing the app.

So please let me know if you had these issues too and how to fix them .

i have been using this usb over cat5 cable extender successfully for many projects. It is a big expensive but never failed me.
What ever extender you end up trying out make sure it is at least USB 2.0



i use usb2 and usb3 from my laptop without any other usb devices so i discard the problem to be caused by not enough usb bandwidth.

I will try your cat5 extender , thanks for the advice.

Less expensive, but probably with lower quality, I’ve used this extension cable without any problem :


i have tried active extension cables like this and found that the usb connection drops once in a while.

If your going to use an active USB extender, try chaining smaller 5m cables instead of buying a single 20m one. I’ve used 3x5m cables with a kinect project with no problems.

I made a pretty reliable solution, so far it has not dropped at all from our macbook pro retina, I started with this cable.

But I never plug it into a hub, just direct into the laptop.

I then cut the power cable and spliced in an extension, I used high quality belden solid core ethernet cable to carry the power. I then loomed the two together in a cable sheath. Voila a 20m kinect cable with all the power and usb on a lightweight link (not so flexible but good enough for running around a stage).

i agree i think is better having many medium length cables than big ones, it cost less when having to replace one cable and its easier to mount for any kind of cables specially hdmi .

20m sounds pretty cool will be looking forward to try your solution, thanks for sharing.

Apart from solving the cable and energy issue i want to change my oF app to keep running and not crash when the kinect disconnects and let it reconnect automatically when the kinects go back to live,
have any of you experienced this problem ? it also happens a lot when closing the app it stops working saying there was an error instead of just closing.

as an alternative i found this addon

it works sending data over the network so we could use it with a wireless router or ethernet,
i just need to find some time to play with this :slight_smile:

I think if you have a solid connection you wont need to worry so much about re-initialising the kinect.