ofxKinect / libusb issue on Fedora

Hi everybody!

I’m having some hard time getting the ofxKinect example to work. Codeblocks prints this message when trying to compile the ofxKinect example

Didn’t found configuration for libraries:
* libusb-1.0

and the detection dialog it offer me to use for searching them doesn’t work at all

could it be that it doesn’t find the library? I have libusb installed and added to the makefile in the example its location,
those are all the related variables

USER_CFLAGS = -I/usr/lib64/libusb -I src/ofxKinect/src
USER_LD_FLAGS = -lusb-1.0
USER_LIBS = -lusb-1.0

I’m using codeblocks 10.05 with Fedora 15